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Which stock companies traded the most stocks and seeds in September?

For some years now, Argentinian certificates of deposit have dominated investors’ preferences in the equities segment compared to local equities.

This momentum continued in September, despite the fact that Wall Street clearly confirmed a sustained decline in its monthly close. The S&P 500’s September was its worst in more than a decade, crossing the finish line of a turbulent quarter filled with record inflation, rising interest rates and fears of a recession.

Who were the top brokers in selling stocks in September?

Who had the marketing direction of Argentine and foreign stocks, according to BYMA data Allaria Ledesma and Sia., with the amount of transactions amounting to 18.4% One of the total operated in the ninth month of 2022 0.7 percentage point (PP) underneath 19.1% Checked in august.

he followed SBS Trading, as happened last month, with 9.8% of the total, Which equates to a 0.8 ppi increase month over month and was confirmed in third place buenos aires priceswith 9.5% of the total, i.e. 0.5 pp more than the eighth month of the year.

then they appeared Invest in AR Partners (6.2%), Balanj Capital (5.2%), Online Investing (3.8%), Bull Market Brokers (2.7%), Kono Sur Inversions (2.7% ), Cohen (2.5%) and Stock Market. (2.3%).

It should be noted that all these agents increased the volume of their operations, while they entered the top 10 of the ranking Invest in Kono Sur Inversions SA and in the stock market.

Who were the top brokers in Cedar trading in September?

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List of brokers having traded the largest volume on Cediers was also led by Allaria Ledesma and Siaswith 23.2%What This equates to about a quarter of the total amount traded. the last 30 days.

second broker what was most important SBS Tradewhich A. represents 11.9% Excluding total.

took third place buenos aires priceswho caught 10.7% of the total quantity.

top ten he finished it Balanz Capital Valores (6.1%), AR Partners (6%), Cono Sur Inversiones (3.8%), Online Investing (3.5%), Bull Market Brokers (2.5%), Cohen (2 , 5%) and Neix (2.21%) ) )

In September, stood outside progress of Kono Sur Inversions, Bull Market Brokers, Cohen and Nex.

It should be noted that Cedars are papers that track local stock market valuations and in pesos to companies that do not operate in Argentina. Some of the most popular titles are Apple, Amazon, Google, Mercado Libre, Global, Barrick Gold, among others.