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Which Delaware companies made the 2022 Inc. 5000 list?

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The 2022 Inc 5000 list is out, ranking the fastest growing private companies in the United States. Which Delaware companies made the list? Inc. offers a handy sorting tool that allows you to narrow the list by state.

But wait – if some of the companies don’t look familiar, it might be because they’re not Delaware companies, but Delaware-incorporated companies that are located elsewhere in the United States or outside of it. . We have already talked about that.

After narrowing the list to show only Delaware companies, 26 listings showed up. Some, like carvertize, Tap Network and DiSabatino, I knew these were genuine Delaware companies. But when in doubt, I ran a quick search. Sometimes the physical location of the business in Texas or California shows up directly on Google. Sometimes you have to search by address. “Inc. Only” as we call them, generally have addresses in Delaware that are law or business services offices, and these addresses are not meant to represent the physical location of the business.

Yet a few inc. only companies still show up as Delaware companies on listings like this, in VC reports, and in my inbox. And these are actually just a few, given that 1.5 million businesses – including nearly 70% of Fortune 500 companies – are incorporated in Delaware. But that still throws a wrench in things.

Of the 26 companies listed as Delaware, I found 11 that are genuine Delaware companies, and those are the ones we list here.

(Note: the highest ranked Delaware company on the list appears as the fourth highest before only companies are removed)

  • #764 — SJB Capital (Back to basics),Wilmington — 1,369% growth
  • #1 209 — Incredible CompaniesNew York—536%
  • #1,576 — AK MultinationalNewark—405%
  • #2,614 — carvertizeWilmington—218%
  • #3,820 — Tap NetworkWilmington—130%
  • #4,336 — Plumbing and Heating in ChesapeakeOdesa — 104%
  • #4,410 — Construction company DiSabatino — 101%
  • #4,470 — Placers Inc. of Delaware — 99%
  • #4,689 — Action Unlimited ResourcesNew Castle — 91%
  • #4,766 — Always freshWilmington—88%
  • #4,983 — The Siegfried GroupWilmington—80%

Prime: Ease Logixbased in Burtonsville, Maryland, which plays a role in building the ecosystem in Delaware, came in at 4,201st place.

Congratulations to all of these fast growing Delaware businesses!