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What are the stock exchanges that deal in the most stocks and seeders?

The three operators with the highest volume of business at Seeders coincide with the first three leaders in the marketing of local variable income instruments.

Who Were the Top Variable Income Stockbrokers in August?

According to data from the Argentine stock exchanges and markets, which led the marketing of Argentine and foreign stocks Allaria Ledesma and Sia., with operating volume 19.1% Of the total operated in the eighth month of 2022.

he followed SBS Trade with 10.6% and the value of Buenos Aires confirmed in third place, a . with 9%of the global sum of the operations carried out in pesos.

then they appeared TPCG Valores (6%), Balanz Capital (5.2%), AR Partners (4.7%), Invest Online (3.6%), PPI (2.7%), Bull Market Brokers (2.1%) ) and Cocos Capital (2%).

Who were the top brokers in Cedar’s August trading?


List of top brokers Cediers was also led to acquire Allaria Ledesma and Siaswith 21.9% of the total quantity is more than one-fifth of the total transactions made in the last 30 days.

second broker what was most important SBS Tradewhich A. represents 13.4% Excluding total.

took third place buenos aires priceswhich had 9.4% of the total quantity.

top ten he finished it TPCG Velores (7.8%), Balanj Capital Velores (5.9%), AR Partners (3.8%), PPI (3.2%), Inverter Online (3%), BTG Pactual Argentina (2.2 %) and Max Capital (2.2%).

It should be noted, Cedars are papers that track local stock market valuations and in pesos to companies that do not operate in Argentina. Some of the most popular titles are Apple, Amazon, Google, Mercado Libre, Global, Barrick Gold, among others. However, the newspapers that stood out in August for their returns were Embrace (A Brazilian company that continues to demonstrate solidity The basics), and followed him vista oil and gas (A company in the energy sector that has maintained its popularity in the local market due to the strong growth it has achieved in recent years).

Although seeders have been operational since 2001, they were once paper for a very narrow and sophisticated section of investors, they are currently one of the most common methods chosen by Argentina to reach foreign companies. This is partly due to the fact that BIMA has added new seeders this year, among which stand out ETFs (which represent market indices) which offer opportunities for diversification in a simple way. Also, the Stock Market Institute recently included the benefit of “day trading”, which benefits investors who make various trades on the same paper on the same day by charging a lower commission.