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Top Games Inc Announces Record April Sales

APIA, SAMOA / ACCESSWIRE / May 23, 2022 / Top Games Inc became one of the top-grossing game developers for April, according to data compiled via “Best Companies April 2022.” The game developer, led by CEO David Guo, is responsible for many top-selling titles through Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Flagship titles from Top Games Inc include Evony: The King’s Return, King’s Legion, Alliance of Glory and Plague of Z.

Top Games Inc Current Best Sellers

The game developer has a slew of titles that have ranked in the top 25 or higher over the past few years. In particular, in April 2022, Top Games Inc was named the 21st most profitable company on Google Play and the Apple App Store. The developer’s bestsellers include King’s Legion, Alliance of Glory, Evony: The King’s Return, and Plague of Z.

Evony: The Return of the King falls under the RPG genre and currently has a 4-star rating. Players must solve challenging puzzles to advance from level to level. Choose from seven different theme options, including American, Chinese, European, Russian, Korean, Arabic, and Japanese. Select a role such as diplomat, governor, or warlord to build alliances and view real-time battle footage. Famous characters will appear throughout the game, including George Washington, King Arthur, Charles the Great, Julius Caesar, and Genghis Khan.

Alliance of Glory puts a new spin on the gameplay first introduced in Evony: The King’s Return. The real-time strategy game features clashes between two different clans – humans and orcs. This game is highly recommended by David Guo for its unique gaming experiences. The game is free on the App Store and Google Play, with the option to purchase upgrades to improve the game.

King’s Legion is a 4-star rated free mobile game with the option of in-app purchases. King’s Legion allows the player to team up with others around the world to fight against the forces of darkness. Highlights include 3D battle scenes, 35 hero options, and unlimited market trades and purchases.

Plague of Z is a mobile game with a 4 star rating on mobile app stores. The zombie fighting game allows players to work together to overcome all attacks and establish a new world order. Manage supplies, train troops, and learn new skills on and off the battlefield.

About Top Games Inc.

Top Games Inc is a global video game developer co-founded by David Guo, with titles available to consumers in 150 countries and 26 languages. Since the company’s launch, the developer has appeared on bestseller lists as the top wholesaler on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Top Games has also received several industry accolades, including the recent Silver Award from the NYX Game Awards.

Evony: The King’s Return, an early release from Top Games Inc, officially launched in 2016 and became a global sensation. Currently, the game has over 7 million downloads and $100 million in revenue. To keep their catalog competitive, a number of exciting game titles are also in development.

David Guo, the co-founder of Top Games Inc., is passionate about technology and online games. Guo started his career creating multimedia management software. Later, David developed firewall software to be used for cybersecurity applications.


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