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These 5 companies collect user data, Google is on top, is your data safe?

Technical News Office – Google is ahead of tech companies like Facebook, Amazon and Apple in terms of data collection, yes, recently it has been seen that Google collects data about its users and Google is a leader in data collection. This was revealed by a recent study, which found that Google tracks users’ personal information in 39 ways. But soon there may be an app that will alert you every time. Let us tell you that a developer named Bert Hubert has created an app that will alert you whenever Google collects your data. That said, I’ve designed a simple device that produces sound when your computer sends data to Google. Let us tell you one thing to keep in mind here is that this app will not work on the Windows computer or your smartphone, because at present the developer has designed this application for Linux.

This application is called Googleteller and works with the IP address provided by Google. That’s why if the Google Teller app detects that your system is connected to an IP address specified by Google, it will vocally notify you that your data is being shared with Google. Let us tell you that did this study and during the study it was found that Google is ahead of tech companies like Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and App in terms of collecting user data. It has been said that people don’t have time to read the privacy policy of the site they are browsing. The researcher claims that all of the information Google collects from its users depends on the company’s business model. The study shows that among all these technology companies, Apple is the only company that only manages user accounts. Collects only the information necessary to do so. The reason behind this is that Apple does not depend on ad revenue models like Google, Facebook, and Twitter.