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The Pixel 6 demolishes Google’s sales records

Despite all the hate (and love) it apparently sells well


The Google Pixel 6 wasn’t just our favorite phone of last year, it might have been yours too. According to Google’s recent earnings call, it broke sales records last quarter (Q4 2021), thanks to the Pixel 6.

The full quote transcribed from Sundar Pichai’s call during today’s earnings report is just below:

“In the fourth quarter, we set all quarterly sales records for Pixel. This happened despite an extremely challenging supply chain environment. The response to Pixel 6 from our customers and carrier partners has been incredibly positive. And AI makes Pixel even more useful…”

The discussion then moved on to the features that Pichai attributed to the Pixel 6’s success, including the new real-time translation tools.

Exact numbers haven’t been shared (yet) and Google’s segmented results don’t break the hardware down into its own category – it’s all just part of “Google Services”, which includes Android, Chrome, Google Maps, Search , Google Play and YouTube all added. However, this segment is on the rise, with more than 69 (pretty) billion dollars in revenue for the last quarter, against 52.8 in 2020, and an operating result of almost 26 billion (against 19 in Q4 2020). Since all high-end Pixels launch in the fall, around October or November, that also means that this “all-time quarterly sales record” is compared to all other flagship Pixel launches.


It’s not yet clear whether the Pixel 6 is the best-selling Pixel of all time. Previous models have over 12 months of retail life, and the Pixel 6 has only been available since last October. But if the trend continues, it sounds as if it might be on track to be the best-selling Pixel of all time – not that Google is likely to share any specific numbers. That’s also despite the limited markets the Pixel 6 is available in compared to some previous models.

Today’s claims are a stark departure from just a few years ago, when Google’s struggling sales invited comparisons to Microsoft’s failed smartphone efforts. Last October, it was reported that Google was planning to double its smartphone sales in 2021 and had almost doubled its order of Pixel 6 units from 2020 in hopes that would happen. On the first day, the company began to run out of stock even with this preparation, which turned out to be popular.

We reached out to Google for more information on the company’s chances of being willing to share more numbers or specific confirmation regarding sales benchmarks. In the meantime, it’s clearly a success story for the company, to hell with software development problems and difficulties.

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