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Tesco, Amazon and Asda top the list of companies most people want to work for

Tesco, Amazon and Asda top the list of companies in the UK people want to work for, with supermarkets dominating with seven of the top 10 Google searches for jobs and careers.

The study by the marketing training center Marketing School analyzed the top job and career searches on Google and found that Tesco was the most popular company, with the multinational supermarket registering more than 362,000 searches a month on average for openings.

There are, on average, 232,000 searches per month for “Tesco jobs” and 130,000 per month for “Tesco careers”. It’s by far the most popular company to work for right now, with over 150,000 searches on Amazon’s second place.

Amazon in second place, still has over 184,000 searches per month for “Amazon jobs” and over 12,000 monthly searches for “Amazon careers”, averaging 196,000 searches per month for Amazon UK worker opportunities .

Asda comes third with more than 138,000 searches per month for openings. This is thanks to over 114,000 searches for “Asda jobs” and 24,000 monthly searches for “Asda careers”.

Sainsbury’s comes fourth on the list, with 111,000 monthly searches for ‘Sainsbury jobs’ and 17,000 searches per month for ‘Sainsbury careers’, totaling 128,000 searches per month.

Royal Mail comes in fifth place among the top ten entries that are not supermarkets. On average, there are 116,000 searches per month for “Royal Mail jobs” and 11,000 searches for “Royal Mail careers”, making a total of 127,000.

The rest of the list is dominated by supermarkets, with only Primark making the list at number 10 as the only other non-supermarket on the list.

Commenting on the results, Ritchie Mehta, CEO of School of Marketing, said: “Clearly the interest in the private sector labor market is now, and that is in the supermarkets. Also, some supermarkets are much more popular than others for job prospects.

“While big brands are at the forefront of many people’s minds when they begin a job search, small businesses need to work harder to find and attract qualified employees. A hugely effective way to do this is to leverage initiatives such as the Apprenticeship Levy program to recruit new employees or train current employees in digital and data-driven programs, the vast majority of the costs of training being covered by the tax.