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Tech company helps charities secure revenue streams with digital donations

NextGenDonate’s Gill Nunn with Movement Center’s Curtis Langley

Shawbury-based NextGenDonate has worked with Telford Parents charity Opening Doors (PODs), charity Oswestry The Movement Center and charity Shrewsbury Shropshire Youth Association to help them address digital giving challenges.

Their software uses custom, coded stickers that turn any object and environment into a contactless donation point. The solution makes it easy for donors to tap and pay any amount they want using Apple Pay, Google Pay or a card, with the option to add Gift Aid.

“Shropshire is home to many different charities and they don’t have the resources that larger national charities have,” said Gillian Nunn, co-founder of NextGenDonate.

“These small charities do amazing work and rely on donations from the local community – but as we gradually become a cashless society, the old ways of collecting boxes aren’t as effective anymore, particularly because we don’t have no urban base here.

“We set up NextGenDonate specifically to support these small local charities, and we’ve been really impressed with how quickly Shropshire has adapted. Working with PODS, the Movement Center and the Youth Trust has been an amazing experience, and we are excited to help them implement solutions that will enable them to thrive for years to come.

Stickers can be used at any fundraising event, on fundraising boxes or on corporate sponsor sites, allowing charities to stay in touch with donors and learn more about demographics of their supporters.

NextGenDonate’s founders hope the service will enable other Shropshire charities and third sector organizations – including churches, museums and hospices – to not only help fundraising, but also increase the value of their average cash gift.