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Students from small towns who received big offers from tech companies

Talent is the only virtue that cannot be discriminated on the basis of caste, creed, religion or financial status. Determination and hard work will always pay off. Reading these lines, many who struggle to achieve their dreams wonder if these things are only said for them, but nothing fruitful emerges in the face of reality.

Students from diverse backgrounds who get well-paying jobs are truly the pride of India. There are many engineering students from various backgrounds across the country, who have bagged offers from companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft.


These companies are a dream for thousands of tech professionals and many students prepare for years to get into prestigious institutes like IITs and many get discouraged after failing to get the job.

1. Little city boy bagged Rs. 23 crore salary at Tesla

Yashwan Choudhary Tesla
Yashwan Choudhary Tesla |

Talent is not within the reach of age, country or any region, a similar story was seen in Champawat of Uttarakhand, where Yashwant Choudhary did a great job at a young age. He got his first job in a giant multinational Tesla Giga with an annual crore rupee package.

Yashwant Choudhary of Champawat district brought laurels to Uttarakhand and the district by attaining a prominent position at a young age. Yashwant has a package of over 23 crore rupees ($3 million) only 24 years old. Young engineer Yashwant got the job of Senior Manager at Tesla Giga in Germany.

2. LPU student got job offer of Rs 3 crore in Germany

Indian college students get huge package in multi-billion dollar company
Indian students receive a huge package in a multi-billion dollar company | India today

Yasir Mohammad, a Btech student at Lovely Professional University (LPU) has created a new placement record by grabbing a job offer with Rs 3 crore package. The computer engineering student, originally from Kerala, will work for a world-renowned German multinational, which has contributed significantly to the world during the pandemic, the university said.

3. Uttarakhand farmer’s son got Rs 2.5 crore job offer

Uttarakhand farmer's son got job offer of Rs 2.5 crore

It may seem very difficult, but winning against all odds is the best feeling. This is what a boy from the small town of Uttarakhand did. Rohit Negi is currently a second year student of MTech at IIT Guwahati and has already received a huge offer from Uber. According to reports, the 22-year-old from Kotdwar, Uttarakhand received a Rs 2.05 crore job offer from Uber. He will work as a software engineer at Uber International after completing his graduate studies. His base salary will be around Rs 96 lakh and CTC Rs 2.05 crore.

4. NIT Patna, student Abhishek Kumar won Rs 1.8 Crore bid

NIT Patna Student Abhishek Kumar Won Rs 1.8 Crore Bid
Picture file

Hard work always pays dividends. That couldn’t be truer in the case of Abhishek Kumar, who landed himself a life-changing job at Amazon.

Abhishek, a final year computer science student at National Institute of Technology (NIT), Patna, pocketed the highest annual salary of Rs 1.8 crore at the institute, according to reports.

5. Google Job Offer for IIIT Allahabad Students

Google Job Ad for IIIT Allahabad Student
Picture file

Pratham Prakash Gupta, a final year M.Tech student at Indian Institute of Information and Technology, Allahabad got a job offer from Google with a annual fee of Rs 1.4 crore, which equates to around Rs 11.6 lakh per month. Gupta was hired as a software engineer at Google’s London branch.

6. A student from Mumbai was hired by Google in an online programming challenge

A student from Mumbai was hired by Google during online programming challenges
Picture file

Abdullah Khan, an engineering student in Mumbai, was hired by Google after the company spotted him on a website that hosts online programming challenges and after that he got a Rs 1.2 bundle of crore per year. He was hired before placement rounds even began at his college.

7. Son of an Anganwadi worker pocketed a bundle of Rs 1.8 crore on Facebook

Anganwadi worker's son pocketed bundle of Rs 1.8 crore on Facebook

Bisakh Mondal landed three job offers from what could easily be called “dream companies”. While the choices here were all appealing, Bisakh Mondal chose an offering from Facebook London over the other two from Amazon and Google with an annual fee of Rs 1.8 crore.

Bisakh Mondal is a resident of Rampurhat in Birbhum district, Mondal comes from a humble background. Her mother, Shibani Mondal, is a worker from Anganwadi.

8. Patna Student pocketed an annual package of Rs 47 lakh

Recession in offices
Unsplash/Representative Image

During the pandemic, when the whole country was struggling with unemployment, students of the Indian Institute of Technology, Patna (IIT-P) managed to land job offers.

A BTech student received a Annual package Rs 47 lakh from DE Shaw Indian Software Private Limited, the highest national bid on this placement player.

9. A car driver’s daughter got 41 Lakh annual salary from Adobe.

Car driver

While many of us have faced pay cuts and job losses due to the Covid pandemic, Annual Remuneration Rs 41 Lakh was gifted to Kolhapur’s daughter Amruta Karande is definitely bucking the trend.

When Amruta Karande got an offer, she was doing her fourth year software engineering course at Kolhapur Institute of Technology (KIT) College and here, got this pre-placement offer letter from American software giant Adobe to work as software development engineer at their office in Noida.

10. A 15-year-old student from Nagpur received a job offer of Rs 33 lakh from the United States

A 15-year-old student from Nagpur received a job offer of Rs 33 lakh from the United States
Time News

At the age of 15, Nagpur student Vedant Deokate landed a job offer that most of us can dream of.

He was offered a salary package of Rs 33 lakh per year by a New Jersey-based advertising agency after winning a website development competition, according to the report by India time.

The American company was so impressed with her work that they offered to manage other coders working with her. Deokate was chosen from a pool of 1,000 applicants from around the world.

But when the company learned of his age, they withdrew the offer, The Times of India reported.

11. A farmer’s son got a job offer from Amazon.

A farmer's son got a job offer from Amazon
Picture file

Once Avnish Chhikara had to pay his B Tech fees by teaching from home and now he got a job at Amazon in a annual package of Rs 67 lakh.

He was a student at Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology (DCRUST), Murthal, Sonipat, Avnish is the son of a farmer-driver from Kraweri village. His success, due to his determination and perseverance, made his parents very proud.

12. Patna’s daughter bagged a package deal of Rs 1.10 crore from Google

Patna girl bagged bundle of Rs 1.10 crore at Google
Picture file

Another engineering student from Bihar landed a job at Google with a annual salary package of Rs 1.10 crore. This girl named Sampreeti Yadav is from the city of Patna, Bihar and joined Google on February 14, 2022.

13. An electrician’s son pockets a huge bundle of Rs 70 lakh

Electrician's son pockets huge bundle of Rs 70 lakh
Picture file

An electrician’s son set an example in the real world by grabbing a $100,000 lump sum salary In an American company. Mohammad Aamir Ali, the son of an electrician from Jamia Millia Islamia was the only Jamia degree holder to receive such a high amount.

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