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Sony increases its share of Smart TV sales

DALLAS— Ahead of NAB Show 2022 next week, Parks Associates has released new TV sales data that shows 56% of US households have a smart TV and Sony has increased its share of TV purchases.

The Parks Associates Consumer Insights Dashboard tracks adoption, purchases and demand for most common consumer electronics products based on quarterly surveys of 10,000 US Internet households.

The company’s consumer electronics dashboard, released semi-annually, reveals that of the top five brands, Sony showed clear growth among smart TVs purchased or received in the previous six months, compared to 2020 , which pushed this brand past Vizio and into the top three for reporting. purchases in Q3 2021.

(Image credit: Parks Associates)

“Samsung continues to be the leader in smart TV adoption, and it currently accounts for more than a quarter of all major consumer smart TVs in the United States,” said Paul Erickson, research director at Parks Associates. “While smart TV adoption is at an all-time high, there may be short-term saturation and conservatism as consumer smart TV purchases settle after dramatic increases in 2020. Sony has still managed to increase purchases – despite slowdowns for the traditional big three brands – which may be tied to its preview release of new Google TV Bravia models in 2021.”

The survey also indicated that 73% own a home network router, 39% own a game console and 57% own a desktop computer.

Smart TVs, along with smart speakers/displays and desktop computers, have seen growth during the pandemic due to an increase in consumers’ perceived value of these devices, Parks said. Smart TVs and smart speakers/displays have also demonstrated sustainability in sustaining growth and are expected to maintain high adoption in the coming years, Parks said.

“This is remarkable given that the overall trend across all categories has been a very gradual decline in overall usage since 2017,” Erickson said. “Smart TVs have become the most important multimedia centerpiece for the home, and their prominence provides the industry with many integration opportunities for the smart home and connected health ecosystems.”

Parks Associates participates in the 2022 NAB Show next week and will host the Future of Video session “OTT Churn: Marketing and Retention Strategies” on May 5th.