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Revenue Grid Named Candidate in Revenue Operations

Revenue Grid believes it has become a contender thanks to its ease of implementation, fast return on investment, and other benefits that customers love. Revenue Grid believes this recognition demonstrates the company’s commitment to transforming revenue for sales teams around the world and helping them stop revenue leaks with confidence.

“Since its inception, Revenue Grid has been committed to transforming the way sales teams generate revenue by helping them better control their sales process and prevent revenue leakage by providing actionable insights at every step of the process. sales,” said Vlad VoskresenskyRevenue Grid CEO.

Recent customer reviews confirm our position as the go-to Revenue Intelligence solution for many. Akash S. wrote:

“I’ve tried different solutions, but none allow me to see what my reps are working on and the progress they’re making with each opportunity like Revenue Grid. Also, the ease of spotting next steps for major deals as well as analyzing the health of each opportunity in the pipeline is money-saving. My team has been able to save many deals using this feature. Also, the user interface is so user-friendly, so that’s a huge win for me. »

Revenue Grid also recently received G2’s Best Selling Software award during its Spring 2022 announcement. This recognition came after G2’s customers ranked it the best among thousands of other competitors in the market. revenue and intelligence operations.

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