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Paytm, Byjus and other leading companies with leading Chinese investors on board

The Indian government is currently facing severe criticism from young people and gamers on social media since the banning of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). The version rebranded as PUBG – BGMI on Thursday has been pulled by the Google Play Store and Apple App Store following the order of the Indian government. Although the actual reason for banning BGMI has yet to be revealed by the Indian government, it is reported that the “national security” threat to China may be the cause. Now, people on social media are sharing a list of made-in-India app companies with major Chinese investors on board and describing the Indian government’s “double standards.”

A Twitter user has shared a list of several top companies that are operational in India with investment from Chinese companies, but are performing well without any hindrance. According to the shared list, companies like Byjus, Bigbasket, Dream11, Flipkart, Hike, Makemytrip and many more have Chinese investors on board. The list also includes the undisclosed amount of investments in the companies operating in India. It is relevant to mention here that the list does not mention the percentage of the amount invested by Chinese companies like Alibaba, Tencent, etc. in companies operating in India.

Companies in India with Chinese Investment List

BGMI ban

The Indian government, in its crackdown on Chinese aggression along the LAC, has banned more than 200 apps operating in India, including TikTok and PUBG, citing “national security”. The renamed version of PUBG named as BGMI has been relaunched in India with its main server kept in the country itself which was the main request of the Indian government in order to safeguard the data of Indians. The ban on Chinese apps has also been called India’s “digital surgery strike” by the Modi government by various media outlets.

Returning to the BGMI ban, Union Minister Rajeev Chandrashekhar had said that PUBG was banned in India in 2020, but the banned apps have resurfaced in new avatars. It was a clear reference to BGMI. The following statement came from a 16-year-old minor who killed his own mother after she scolded him for not playing BGMI too much.

Google Play in its statement said, “Upon receipt of the order, in accordance with established process, we notified the affected developer and blocked access to the app which remained available on the Play Store in India.

On the other hand, Krafton said, “We are clarifying how BGMI was removed from Google Play and will let you know once we get specific information.”