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Ohioans won’t have to pay sales tax on back-to-school items during the state’s sales tax holiday this weekend | Cincinnati News | Cincinnati

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Ohio’s annual sales tax exemption could bring some relief to back-to-school shoppers.

With many families cutting budgets to keep up with inflation and rising costs, the annual school supply haul has the potential to be a little lighter for many in the Greater Cincinnati area this year.

Fortunately, Ohio’s annual sales tax exemption might provide some relief for back-to-school shoppers.

This year, the Ohio Sales Tax Holiday will take place from Friday, August 5 at midnight through Sunday, August 7 at 11:59 p.m. During this time, Ohioans will not have to pay tax sale on “[a]n clothing priced at $75 or less; [a]n item of school supplies whose price is $20 or less and [a]n item of school teaching materials priced at $20 or less,” according to the Ohio Department of Taxation website.

Ohio’s sales tax exemption took place the first weekend in August since 2019, when Ohio lawmakers passed SB 226, creating a permanent sales tax exemption in the Ohio. ‘State.

Currently, Ohio sales tax is 5.75%. According to the Ohio Department of Taxation, the state also allows local governments to collect an additional sales tax of up to 2.25% to add to the state sales tax. Hamilton County’s current sales tax rate is 7.8%, according to the Ohio Department of Taxation.

All retail items are subject to sales tax, with a few notable exceptions, including food sold for consumption off the premises of an establishment (such as food purchased from a grocery store), purchased with food stamps and gasoline for vehicles that are subject to state fuel tax, according to the Ohio Department of Taxation.

So, keeping the Hamilton County sales tax rate in mind, a pair of jeans that cost $75 would actually cost $80.85 at checkout, with the sales tax added to the total cost of the article. During Ohio’s sales tax exemption, this additional $5.85 would not be added to the aforementioned transaction example.

There is no limit on the total purchase amount at checkout during the Ohio sales tax holiday. Instead, qualification will be determined article by article. So, for example, you can buy $300 worth of items, and if you meet the above conditions, you’ll get those items without sales tax, even if not all of the items in your shipment are eligible for the tax exemption. sales tax.

Most clothing items, such as shirts, pants, dresses, uniforms and shoes, qualify for the sales tax exemption. However, according to the Ohio Department of Taxation, certain items are not included in the department’s definition of “apparel” and will not qualify for the sales tax exemption:

  • Items purchased for use in a trade or business
  • Clothing accessories and other related items, such as jewelry, hair clips, sunglasses, wallets, and cosmetics
  • Protective gear like face shields, masks, protective gloves, and helmets
  • Sewing equipment and supplies, including fabric that will eventually be used to create clothing
  • Athletic or recreational equipment for most sports, including mouth guards, ballet and tap shoes, and spiked athletic shoes
  • Patches and emblems

The following items are considered school supplies, by the Ohio Department of Taxation: “Binders; Book bags; Calculators; Cellophane tape; Blackboard chalk; Compasses; Composition books; Colored pencils; Erasers folders (stretch, pocket, plastic, and manila); glue, paste, and paste sticks; highlighters; index cards; index card boxes; notepads; lunch boxes; markers; notebooks; paper; lined notebook paper mobiles, copy paper, graph paper, tracing paper, manila paper, colored paper, poster board and construction paper; pencil boxes and other school supply boxes; pencil sharpeners; pencils; pens; protractors; rulers; scissors ; and writing tablets.”

Reference books, reference maps and globes, textbooks, and workbooks are all considered school teaching materials and therefore will not be taxed during the Ohio sales tax exemption.

Ohioans can also take advantage of the online sales tax exemption. As long as you place the order between midnight August 5 and 11:59 p.m. August 7, ship to an Ohio address, and the retailer accepts this order within that time, you will not be charged sales tax on eligible items.

Although Kentucky does not currently have an annual sales tax holiday in place, Kentuckians can still purchase eligible items without sales tax during the holiday, as long as they purchase the items in Ohio.

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