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Now energy companies must follow Liz’s lead – Sue Webber

Lothian Tory MSP Sue Webber

She has produced a vast plan in a very short time that will keep the lights and fires burning this winter and save thousands of businesses in the process. A guaranteed price cap and a vaccine-style energy supply task force ─ and all on top of the help already promised to vulnerable people through Universal Credit and a £400 payment to all families ─ shows that this is a Prime Minister who has fully grasped the enormity of what everyone is facing and has devised a plan to solve it.

Market and regulatory reform is urgently needed and breaking the crippling link between electricity and gas prices will be decisive, given that gas will be scarce as long as the war in Ukraine rages on, which could last for decades. years.

His plan to make the UK a net exporter of energy by 2040 is an exciting prospect, but after avoiding windfall new taxes, it is up to energy companies to keep their end of the market by accelerating investment in all forms of electricity generation, which maintain and create thousands of jobs in renewable energy, North Sea oil and gas and, yes, nuclear energy and fracking. Just like she did, businesses need to get on with it.

The countries that have escaped the worst impact of war are those that have maintained or developed independent energy sources, such as French and American nuclear fracking, and as we go low carbon, we should never expose ourselves too seriously to events beyond our control.

Which brings me to another Liz, my colleague Liz Smith, who delivered a searing response to the SNP program for government presented by Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon just as Liz Truss walked into Downing Street.

There are many things the Prime Minister controls, yet much of her speech was devoted to what she cannot; a long list of gripes over the devolution settlement, knowing that the UK government was working on swift action to protect the people of Scotland as well as the rest of the country.

As Liz S pointed out, the Scottish Government’s block grant is the highest on record, but the delivery of education, health, transport, housing and criminal justice services, all fully controlled by the Scottish Government , has been plagued by a long record of failure. The thousands of drug addiction deaths are the most tragic and totally preventable example of this.

“Millions of pounds of public money have been wasted by the government on ferry delays, which are ongoing,” said Liz S. “On BiFab, on Prestwick Airport, on the malicious prosecution of administrators Rangers FC, and so the list goes on,” she explained.

The list indeed goes on, as does the waste of millions preparing for an independence referendum next year that she cannot organize and that a clear majority does not want.

Meanwhile, SNP-Green rejects ways to secure energy security as the low-carbon transition is complete; no new North Sea oil and gas, no nuclear, no shale. But a lot of hot air.

Sue Webber is a Scottish Conservative MSP for Lothians