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Nerdery Innovation Studio Introduces New Workshop Services Allowing Companies to Innovate Faster

Nerdery Innovation Studio offers new services to help companies innovate faster

“Through our Nerdery innovation studio, we co-create to help clients like PING, Polaris and Google overcome obstacles to produce a testable concept in weeks instead of years.”

cornya leading digital product consultancy, announces the launch of three new workshop-based services within its popular Nerdy Innovation Studio (NIS), which leverages Nerdery’s proven processes to empower companies to transform innovation by rapidly accelerating their journey to creating breakthrough digital products. The three new service offerings include:

  • Product mindset: Immerses teams in the product mindset, which links agile development strategies to overall goals. Clients leave with a personalized action plan to help their teams apply the learnings on an ongoing basis.
  • Digital Assessment: By analyzing a client’s human resources, processes and technology capabilities, Nerdery can determine key areas to invest in to accelerate digital transformation and deliver the best return.
  • User-Centered Design: Through marketing analysis, competitive research, and Nerdery’s deep expertise in developing user-centered products, NIS refines a product’s design to ensure its success.

These offerings complement the Nerdery Innovation Studio suite of services, which continues to offer:

  • Idea Incubator: NIS helps clients prioritize their opportunities and better understand what/when/how/who is needed to turn their business idea into a working concept.
  • Rapid Prototype: By quickly testing a product idea under pressure with business and IT partners, NIS helps customers better understand the effort and path required for a future release.

“As digital product experts, we live and breathe innovation every day, and sharing our proven secret sauce for supporting and creating innovative, transformative work with other companies is a natural next step,” said Rebekka DesLauriers, Portfolio Manager of Nerdery Innovation Studio. “Through our Nerdery innovation studio, we co-create to help clients like PING, Polaris and Google overcome obstacles to produce a testable concept in weeks instead of years.”

Nerdery Innovation Studio engagements are driven by Nerd-led workshops and last from a few days to 3-4 weeks. They are tailored to each client’s unique needs and specific challenges to drive business value and designed to quickly accelerate subsequent phases to begin building digital solutions.

To learn more about Nerdery Innovation Studio and new services, please visit

Or check out our recent panel event »Stimulate innovation” to learn from innovation experts how to uncover actionable strategies to stay innovative and learn how to gain leadership buy-in for your ideas – by visualizing, positioning and telling your story.


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