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Mac sales down 10%, iPhones up 3% – Breakdown of Apple’s quarterly figures – TechCrunch

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Hello, wonderful specimens of humanity! It’s Friday, and I’m writing this from the hammock of my sunny North Oakland backyard, so life isn’t all that bad. (I can only assume that WFH stands for Work From Hammock).

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TechCrunch’s top 3

Startups and VCs

It’s all go, go, go in the world of insurance. Mary Ann reports that Lemonade acquired Metromile and quickly laid off about 20% of its staff. It makes sense, of course, in a world where there’s likely a lot of administrative and operational overlap between the two companies, but it’s always sad to say goodbye to beloved colleagues.

And don’t miss Aria‘s piece about how the exploration company is developing an all-new reusable orbital spacecraft. “The [space] The exploration ecosystem will change dramatically in the next 10 to 15 years,” explained co-founder and CEO Hélène Huby. “If you can do that, you have a huge advantage of being one of the first to market.”

A few more nuggets to take you through the weekend:

  • Enjoy it all: A startup is asking $1.99 to write strings to power platforms like DALL-E, and I despair for humanity. Come on, that’s half the fun! No thanks at all Kyle for making me boil with confused anger this afternoon. Shake.
  • Make it rain in Africa: Zedcrest Capital, a company known for its investments in the debt and equity capital markets, but which has recently started to venture into venture capital investments, has launched a $10 “emergency fund” million dollars for African startups, aimed at companies in the pre-Series A phase, Tags reports.
  • Industrial vehicle driving course: Polymath Robotics launches to bring plug-and-play autonomy software to any industrial vehicle, Kirsten reports.
  • The more you learn: You know what, I’ve never read one of Devin’s articles that didn’t make me say “Huh! I didn’t know that!” Today, Shinkei Systems’ AI-guided fish harvesting robot gave me that moment of pleasure.

All My Monkeys Are Gone: Legal Disputes at the Intersection of Intellectual Property and NFTs

Missing illustration of bored monkeys;  Intellectual property law and NFT

Picture credits: Bryce Durbin / Tech Crunch

When Andy Warhol appropriated the images of Campbell’s Soup in 1962, he was lucky: for a multitude of reasons, the company decided not to sue him for trademark infringement.

One wonders, however, how the situation would have turned out 60 years later if Warhol had hit a series of NFTs with the iconic soup labels.

In her latest post on TC+, CORPlaw Founder Kristen Corpion looked at “the most interesting and important intellectual property legal issues currently impacting the creation, transfer and use of NFTs” , including trademark infringement, the first-sale doctrine, and why Seth Green ended up paying a $100,000 Bounty to buy back his stolen Bored Ape.

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Big Tech inc.

It will never leave you. He will make an effort to never let you down. He probably won’t run and abandon you. But TikTok may be considering a music service, report Aisha and Ivan in an article that unfortunately falls short of the mandatory quota for musical puns. Don’t worry, folks, I’ll tell him about it.

Meanwhile, Anne reports that Kenya is considering giving Facebook a hammer blow, after the country’s National Cohesion and Integration Commission found that the social media platform was not doing enough to stamp out hate speech.

  • Is multimedia coming to Twitter?: Looks like the social media platform is testing the ability to post images, videos and GIFs in the same tweet, Ivan reports.
  • We don’t want your steeenking ads: Roku misses its quarterly results and blames the advertising slowdown for having failed, lauren reports.
  • Bank balance goes down, stocks go up: Amazon reported earnings and ran to a loss of $2 billion. Looks like the stonks like this kind of thing, because the stock price has gone up, reports lauren.
  • For you, special price. For you it’s double: Twitter Blue gets price hike from $2.99 ​​to $4.99 per month, reports Ivan.
  • Where do you take someone after a peekaboo accident? In intensive care: Instagram pretty much copied BeReal for its Dual Camera feature, but kinda missed the point along the way, Amanda Explain.
  • Is there anything they can’t do?: Video memes, maybe music soon (see above) and now TikTok is starting to test HTML5 mini-games with a handful of partners, Sarah reports.