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In a truly ethical and healthy business environment, companies give as well as receive: Language Management and Translation Software Innovator – GlobalDoc, Inc.

ATLANTE, October 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GlobalDoc, Inc. recently announced that it has donated more than half a million dollars in cash to various charitable projects through its GlobalDoc Cares initiative, in addition to other “in-kind” and non-cash donations the company has made over the years. years. Since its inception, GlobalDoc has established a strong tradition of anonymous donations to various causes and initiatives. But GlobalDoc Cares, established in 2001, is a special project overseen by the company’s founder and president, Mike Cooper. Cooper has always believed that businesses should be both ethical and successful – and for him that means giving back.

“GlobalDoc is often presented with opportunities to give back based on the unique nature of our work with international communities and multitudes of different cultures,” Cooper said. “We’re not a large company, but the amounts we’ve donated sometimes reflect more of larger corporate giving programs, as that’s our intention. The company has also never seen an employee worry. of the company’s charitable giving initiative, which is a testament to the caliber, integrity and quality of our people. We all support this mission and have had the privilege of working with extraordinary people since our founding in 1993 We are also excited to celebrate our 30th anniversary in 2023.”

GlobalDoc Cares – Changing Lives with Clear Communication

GlobalDoc Cares reflects the company’s commitment to satisfying ethical business principles in addition to the high quality of services provided by the company. GlobalDoc has always been about “doing the right thing”, and with a global reach, this opportunity to help comes in unexpected but important ways.

“One of the reasons we give back is that our success is in large part due to the customers, employees and partners who believed in us and trusted us from day one,” Cooper said. “It’s not something we take lightly or will ever forget. The core of our business is effective and clear communication, so that’s where we excel best in helping customers achieve their communication goals in whatever language and whatever part of the world they work in.”

“The GlobalDoc Cares initiative is about stepping in to help whenever a need is recognized – whether it’s helping people living with HIV/AIDS, contributing to literacy programs, supporting the helping with disaster relief, donating to animal welfare organizations, promoting diversity and equality programs, contributing to arts education, providing pandemic relief, supporting homes for young orphans or, more recently, helping with relief efforts for customers and individuals in Ukraine.Over the years, we have also facilitated in-country communications with employees, their families and employees/partners of our customers when it matters most, always ensuring that critical messages reach affected populations in a timely manner.”

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About LangXpert®

LangXpert is a proprietary, secure, cloud-based, enterprise-level content and translation automation tool that enables seamless collaboration and translation workflow management between process stakeholders distributed across the whole world. The software integrates aspects of translation memory and machine translation notation into an automated quality-driven process. Its flexible and customizable API-based solutions allow GlobalDoc to cost-effectively provide its customers with integrated translation technologies. Download LangXpert Mobile via the App store Where google play.

About GlobalDoc, Inc.

Founded in 1993, GlobalDoc is a recognized industry leader with decades of experience in language management, translation software technologies and translation services in all languages. With its flagship web application and software application, LangXpert®, GlobalDoc remains a pioneering language service provider (LSP) and software development company serving international requirements for business communications and extensive and highly technical information. visible to customers. GlobalDoc is also committed to making significant charitable donations through the GlobalDoc Cares initiative. Learn more about:

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Mike Cooper, President404-350-6740 ext. 119[email protected]

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