Google sales

Google wants everyone to know that Pixel 6 sales are doing very well

About a week ago, reports were circulating the internet that Pixel 6 sales were a bit lower than we had been led to believe. The report (which we also shared) claimed that Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro sales were so low that Google was offering extremely high incentives to sales staff to push the phone to potential customers. These types of incentives are completely normal – having worked in the mobile phone industry myself for a few years – but they are usually a sign of plummeting sales numbers.


Turns out the folks at Google heard these unconfirmed reports and in the latest quarterly earnings call from Alphabet (Google’s parent company), CEO Sundar Pichai sought to clarify the success of Google’s latest phone very clearly and concisely:

When it comes to hardware, Pixel 6 is a huge leap forward for the Pixel wallet, and it’s great to see the response from Pixel users. It’s the fastest-selling Pixel yet, and we’re raising consumer awareness of the brand and making good progress. I’m excited about the products we’ll be releasing and look forward to sharing more on Google I/O.

Sundar Pichai – CEO of Google/Alphabet

Admittedly, the “The best-selling Pixel of all time” is not the highest bar to cross, but it hardly indicates a drop in sales in any way. Although a bit riddled with bugs since launch, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro represent the best phones Google has made to date, and the Pixel 6a will only add to that momentum after Google I/O 2022. While I’m sure Google’s Pixel sales numbers are a drop in the bucket compared to Samsung and Apple phones, continued growth and brand awareness is Google’s focus at this point. They seem to be doing this very well.