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google: INS calls for fair payment system for loss of advertising revenue due to Google

The Indian Newspaper Society (INS) has called for a payment scheme just after India’s competition watchdog on Friday ordered an investigation into Alphabet Inc’s Google.

The decision concerns a case filed by the Digital News Publishers Association which alleged that Google had “abused” its dominant position in news aggregation, resulting in advertising losses for publishers, as they only receive 51% advertising expenses.

The Competition Commission of India ordered the Managing Director to investigate the allegations made by the association and to complete and submit the investigation report within 60 days from the date of receipt of the order.

“News media houses are kept completely in the dark about the total ad revenue collected by Google and the actual percentage of ad revenue transferred to media organizations,” it said in a statement Friday.

“The European Publishers Council has also filed a competition complaint against Google alleging that Google has obtained end-to-end control of the advertising technology value chain, thereby abusing its dominant position.”

The INS said it highlighted the fact that producers or publishers of news made available in digital format are not receiving fair value for the content despite significant investment in creating content for customers that appears in Google search. . “Several countries, including Australia, France and Spain, have passed laws requiring technology companies, including Google, to adequately compensate content producers for the use of their content in search results” , the statement said.