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Google becomes one of the first companies to pay Wikimedia – the group behind Wikipedia

  • With this move, Google will become the first Wikimedia client.
  • Wikimedia Foundation offers free trial accounts to businesses for 30 days.
  • Google and the Wikimedia Foundation have already worked on many projects and initiatives.

Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit group behind Wikipediaannounced that Google was one of the first companies to buy its Enterprise commerce service.

Wikimedia Enterprise is a commercial product designed for companies that reuse and source Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects at high volume.

Wikimedia Enterprise was recently launched by the Wikimedia Foundation as an opt-in product.

It now offers a free trial account for new users who can register themselves to better assess their needs with the product.

“Wikimedia Enterprise is designed to meet a variety of content reuse and sourcing needs, and our first two customers are a key example of this. Google and the Internet Archive leverage Wikimedia content in very distinct ways,” said Lane Becker. , senior director of earned income at the Wikimedia Foundation, said in a statement late Wednesday.

Wikimedia Enterprise was designed to make it easier for businesses to aggregate and share Wikimedia content at scale in a way that best suits their needs.

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Interested companies can now sign up on the website for a free trial account that offers 10,000 on-demand requests and unlimited access to a 30-day snapshot, the foundation said.

Google and the Wikimedia Foundation have worked together on a number of projects and initiatives to improve the dissemination of knowledge around the world.

“Wikipedia is a unique and valuable resource, created freely for the world by its community of dedicated volunteers. We have a long history of supporting the Wikimedia Foundation in pursuing our common goals of expanding access to knowledge and information for people around the world,” said Tim Palmer, Chief Executive Officer. , Look for partnerships at Google.

The Internet Archive is also a longtime partner of the Wikimedia Foundation and the broader free knowledge movement.

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