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Dyspatch helps businesses create emails you’ll actually want to open – TechCrunch

Some marketers believe that to make more money, you have to send more emails, which Matt Harris, founder and CEO of Dispatchrefers to the “law of electronic mail”.

“All of these emails lead to lower open engagement rates,” he told TechCrunch. “Also, there’s a new generation entering the workforce that isn’t email-centric and needs to learn how to email.”

Most marketers don’t take courses in email marketing, but rather it’s a skill learned on the job, Harris added. Over time people get to a point where they create their own designs and copy and paste lines of code into whatever email system they use.

With the advent of multiple tools and resources for emailing, it has become a challenge as people have to learn how to use different ones and the code they relied on doesn’t always work.

Harris started with a solution called Sendwithus in 2018 which was a development product in the messaging space. Later, he and his team identified email production as a big deal and pivoted to becoming Dyspatch to bring a more drag-and-drop approach to email design. The company’s email production tool basically takes tips and tricks from people who design emails well and makes them widely available.

Dyspatch leverages Google AMP for Email to launch its interactive email product, called Apps in Email, last year, which simplifies the implementation of AMP email elements for non-technical users.

The tool is now used by over 300 customers, including Canva, which uses AMP emails to drive engagement with comment reply notifications.

“Dyspatch has dramatically reduced the hours our team spends creating emails, allowing us to really scale our content production,” said Megan Walsh, Global Head of Lifecycle Marketing at Canva. , in a written statement. “We produce over 20 emails a week, and the platform ensures that each one is on-brand, localized and responsive, without any engineering effort. It also allowed us to implement interactivity with AMP comment reply emails. The Dyspatch team has been so supportive and collaborative on this project, and it has been a huge hit with our users.

The Dyspatch booking demo. Picture credits: Dispatch

Dyspatch is already able to prove that brands see a 500% increase in email engagement and a 300% increase in email conversions after developing fully functional interactive AMP email campaigns. Harris said.

The company is now at the point where it is expanding its go-to-market and technology teams to support new customer growth, and has raised $6 million in seed funding to help. Gradient Ventures led the round, with participation from Initialized Capital, Baseline Ventures, Blue Run Ventures, Scott Banister and VanEdge Partners. This is Dypatch’s first round of funding, but together with his previous company, they raised $11 million in total.

Dyspatch also plans to use this round of funding to further integrate with messaging service providers, like Oracle Eloqua and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, to ensure users will be able to facilitate a seamless messaging workflow. , regardless of the resources they use to send emails.

The company is focused on the number of people using the app and its customer base has more than doubled over the past year. One of the repeating patterns Harris sees is that customers come back every year and add more users. For example, one of its flagship customers initially purchased 10 user seats in the first year of the contract, but within six months that figure grew tenfold.

Next, the company is taking steps to open up its technology to third parties and to develop some of the features requested by customers, such as calendar booking via email.

“Today we build the building blocks of apps, surveys and approval apps, but our DNA is an engineering company, so we want to create a marketplace so that third parties can build apps in our marketplace. “, added Harris.