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Do you know the real production cost of profit and sale price of the smartphone

How many smartphones are sold in India in a year? The answer to this question is – around 17 crores every year. According to Counterpoint Research, 169 million people bought smartphones in 2021. By selling these smartphones, companies received revenue of around Rs 3 lakh crore. Obviously, the companies must have made a lot of money, but they must have made a lot of profit, but have you ever thought about how much it costs to manufacture a smartphone? Let’s say.

How much does it cost to manufacture a smartphone?

Let’s understand this through research on the iPhone, Samsung’s smartphone. Report by Techwall ( According to, companies like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, OnePlus sell the most mobiles in India. Most of the expenses involved in manufacturing a smartphone are spent on production. The most expensive parts of a smartphone are the central processor, screen, memory and camera. Based on these expenses, if we look at the original price of the Apple iPhone 13 Pro (256GB), it comes to around $570 or around Rs 46,400, while the company is selling this phone in the market for 90,000 rupees i.e. profit. by about 48%. .

  • Speaking of Samsung’s Note 3 (32GB) smartphone, it costs around Rs 19,000 to manufacture while the company sells it for Rs 43,000. The company makes about 70% profit from this smartphone.
  • However, in addition to the production of the phone, a smartphone also involves research, marketing, distribution and personnel expenses, which we have not included in the production cost. Many users have asked the same question regarding the production cost of the smartphone on Quora. About this, a user named Manish Kumar wrote in detail. According to Manish, the Apple company makes the most profit from the smartphone. The reason is also that there is a craze for the iPhone all over the world. Apple products are known for their uniqueness and exceptional quality.
  • According to another report, most smartphone manufacturers keep profits of up to 25-40% of the original price of the smartphone. The smartphone market in India is growing rapidly and after the arrival of 5G, corporate profits may increase further.


1. This news has been written for the information of readers only.

2. There is a slight variation in phone price with different platforms.

3. Research was done on smartphones from Apple, Samsung, so examples from these two were taken.

4. The purpose of ABP News is not against the interest of a company, it is only informative. There is room for revision in the numbers.

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