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Cult of the Lamb sales hit 1 million in first week of release

Already a million cult members.

Publisher Devolver Digital and developer Massive Monster celebrated a milestone for their recently launched title, as roguelike action Worship of the Lamb sold 1 million units worldwide just one week after its initial release. That’s a pretty good number for an indie title, although it’s a huge boost for Worship of the Lamb which received critical acclaim, with the game receiving a “very positive” rating on PC via Steam. Worship of the Lamb is also available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Check out the celebratory tweet Worship of the Lambbelow.

Worship of the Lamb gives the player control of a possessed lamb who was saved from total annihilation by an outsider and must now repay his debts by building a loyal literal cult in his disturbing name. The game plays out like an action roguelike with village simulation mechanics, with some describing it as a weird and unholy cross between animal crossing and The Binding of Isaac. Worship of the Lamb tasks you with developing your own local cult in a land filled with false prophets and in doing so, venture into various diverse and mysterious regions to capture the hearts and minds of many followers of the woods.

The game’s village simulation mechanics allow the Chosen Lamb and his followers to collect and use resources to build new structures, perform various dark rituals to appease ominous gods, and give different sermons to strengthen the faith of the flock. Players can explore a sprawling randomly generated world to battle hordes of enemy unbelievers and rival cult leaders to absorb their unholy powers and make your cult the best in the land.

Developer Massive Monster too confirmed that they will soon share more updates on Worship of the Lamb post-release plans, including a content roadmap for the game. Players are also encouraged to share their feedback on Worship of the Lamb via a new “public confession cabinet”, which is just a Google form that records your thoughts and experiences on the game so far.