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Contractors can now double their income by partnering with Contractor Clinic

Contractor’s Clinic serves as a front-end sales operation and now guarantees owner appointments without shared leads

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, Oct. 4, 2022 / — Using the power of digital advertising, Las Vegas-based Contractor Clinic is transforming the industry and helping contractors double their income by now guaranteeing appointments with the owners without sharing leads.

What Contractor Clinic does is offer contractors a complete front-end sales operation for less than the cost of a single in-house specialist.

“The central vision of Contractor Clinic is to create a world where entrepreneurs can spend more time with friends and family and worry less about marketing,” said Founder and CEO Jacob Drey. “Contractor Clinic does all the hard work generating landlord leads, qualifying them to client expectations, and will even call to schedule them, letting the contractors just walk in, give the estimate, and close the deal. With Contractor Clinic, subcontractors are relieved of shared responsibility platforms.

Drey built the business from the ground up, and within nine months, Contractor Clinic grew from one to 20 full-time members and was earning over seven figures. Contractor Clinic works with over 150 clients and books over $1 million in jobs with landlords using Facebook ads. Contractor Clinic spends about $2.7 million a year on Facebook ads.

Drey has worked in the digital industry since 2009. He is one of the few experts who can confidently say that he has worked as an agency consultant and social media manager for thousands of brands big and small. He scaled Facebook ad campaigns and generated millions of dollars in sales.

Contractor Clinic generated over 35,000 leads and calls and booked over 23,000 appointments. The company currently has 175 active partners.

Contractors who become members of the Contractor Clinic get everything they need to start scaling their business. Contractor Clinic offers three different pricing options based on business goals.

Among the testimonials Contractor Clinic has received is that of company owner Quincy Barrett, who wrote: “I can actually say that they exceeded all of our expectations. We had a 200% increase in leads and sales with our roofing division. So if you are looking for someone to help you and grow your business, Contractor Clinic is the way to go.

Another business owner wrote: ‘I joined the clinic family and in my first week I closed two appointments and have closed several new jobs since. These guys are so good that I’m full and had to ask them to slow down until I can hire a few more salespeople.

In addition to advertising on behalf of clients, Contractor Clinic offers free marketing advice on its website. Recent topics include “Is Direct Mail Marketing Dead?” Top 5 Reasons Why Not”, “Why You Need a Google My Business Page and How to Create One”, “How to Use ‘Word of Mouth’ Advertising and Get Referrals” and “5 Ways to Prepare to Scale Your Roofing Contractor Business in 2022.”

For more information and to request an appointment, visit or call 702-802-0274.

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