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Billions of dollars every year allowing companies like Apple-Samsung to dominate. Google gives companies like Apple-Samsung billions of dollars each year to dominate

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  • Google gives companies like Apple Samsung billions of dollars each year to dominate

Google is the largest search engine in the world, but it didn’t get that monopoly through legitimate competitive means. Alphabet, the parent company of Google, pays billions of dollars each year to mobile companies such as Samsung to maintain their dominance in the search engine. The US Department of Justice gave this information to the local court. Court Judge Amit Mehta hears the case.

Justice Department lawyer Kenneth Dintzer did not specify the amount, but said payments to companies amount to billions of dollars each year. These companies are committed to having their search engine on mobile, laptop and desktop by default.

Google violates anti-trust law to maintain its monopoly
Usually people don’t change the default search engine. Even if you do, many kinds of technical issues keep coming back. This is why Google’s monopoly remains intact. The US Department of Justice says Google violates anti-trust laws to maintain a monopoly. The court always hears both parties. After that, the formal hearing of the case will begin.

Former President Donald Trump filed a lawsuit against Google in the final days of his term. This is seen as the government’s first major effort to rein in big tech companies.

The Department of Justice misunderstood the market: Google
Google said in its clarification that the Justice Department and the states misunderstand the market. They focused more on smaller search engines like Microsoft Bing and DuckDuckGo. Google faces competition from many other companies. Like meta platforms, etc.

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