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5 Ways Brands Can Leverage Digital Marketing to Increase Sales – Research Snipers

Digital marketing builds your existing customer base and organically generates high-converting leads. However, digital marketing also has a steep learning curve that can grow exponentially as your business competes with bigger brands for a slice of the sales pie. You need to adopt the right marketing mindset and stay current to unlock the full potential of online sales. Here are five ways your brand can leverage digital marketing to boost sales.

Digitize SEO to Sales

There is a digital divide between companies and the future belongs to brands that have made the leap to digitalization. There are many layers of digitization that start with creating a branded website. A website acts as a central platform for your brand’s online presence. Be sure to create a mobile-friendly brand. Although there is no central theme for digitalization, you should aim to create a seamless digital experience, from product discovery to after-sales services. If you have multiple sales channels, integrate them into your website. You can invest in comprehensive CRM software that supports your customers’ digital needs.

You can also make efforts to digitize lead generation internally to boost sales. Lead generation automation can boost sales by providing leads to customers who have shown interest in your product/service category. You can also buy industry-specific leads from data providers, but make sure they’re validated for information accuracy and sorted according to your sales funnel. A digital transformation can be a huge investment for a new brand, but it pays off in the long run by regularly generating organic leads. Before digitizing your brand, it would be a good idea to consult an SEO agency to define your branding objectives, develop a personalized strategy and hire the right people/services.

Social Media Marketing

More than half of the world’s population is on social media. If you’re preparing your brand for the long haul, you can’t ignore social media marketing. There are several platforms to reach various communities and free users. Each platform offers unique opportunities for your brand. Facebook has the lion’s share of the pie and helps you target specific demographics around the world. Instagram connects your brand with domain influencers, while Snapchat and TikTok are adept at connecting with younger audiences. You can use Twitter for official brand communications and personalize your customers’ brand experience through WhatsApp. Reddit can be a great place to go viral if you can create high-value content. Linkedin marketing remains essential for B2B sales.

A simple way to work with different social media handles is to divide your brand goals while selecting a platform for your products/services. Smaller brands can create a social media manager position within their company to take care of their brand online. Big brands may need an entire team to take care of their social media marketing strategies.

Outsource to Outshine

Digital marketing can become complex as you scale. You can outsource some or all of your digital marketing efforts depending on your priorities and budget. It is ideal to consult an expert SEO agency if you are new to digital marketing. This will help you understand the basics. You can then grow your own team with specialized products and services such as analytics tools, content marketing, link building, lead management, and ad campaigns. If you’re unsure which parts of digital marketing to outsource, simply break your SEO workflow down into smaller segments and look for companies that can add value to each process.

For example, you can break down your SEO into technical SEO and content SEO. Content management can be broken down into keyword analysis, content creation, guest posting, internal linking, geolocation, etc., while technical SEO can include XML sitemaps, page optimizations, rights copyright, etc. Once you have a clear breakdown of your digital marketing strategy, you can outsource some of the work to professionals for better results. Be sure to analyze the various campaign metrics yourself while working with a digital marketing partner or sales development representative.

Smart analysis

A classic way to achieve high business growth is to constantly update your marketing strategy based on intelligent feedback. There are five main verticals of digital marketing analytics; keyword, website, campaign, domain and competitor. You can discover high ROI digital marketing strategies that work for your field and starter strategies that don’t deliver results. Google Analytics is a great way to start learning more about your website traffic. Some popular metrics for analyzing your website are unique page visitors, bounce rate, conversion rate, and effectiveness of traffic sources.

Advanced analytics tools can provide actionable insights into online consumer behavior by tracking the digital journey of online visitors. You can integrate different campaigns such as Google Ads, Pay Per Click, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, etc., within a single analytics network. Analytics also helps in developing smart campaigns where you can automate ads based on certain triggers. You can develop your in-house analytics or enlist the help of an SEO consultant who specializes in analytics. Investing in smart analytics will make your brand proof against changing trends and easier to adapt to new digital marketing strategies.

Study emerging trends

Digital marketing is constantly evolving and you need to stay current to stay on top. Some new trends in digital marketing are metaverse, move towards video content, automated ads, social media integration, big data analytics, digitization of sales, VR content, NFT content, AI marketing, etc. New social media platforms can quickly take over existing platforms, so you need to align your strategies accordingly. SEO is changing rapidly, with traditional search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo changing their algorithms every few years. If you don’t have a digital marketing partner, the best way to understand emerging themes is to study your online competitors and actively analyze your marketing strategies. You can also learn more about digital marketing trends from various analytics reports, marketing case studies, and SEO blogs. You can enjoy the benefit of early adoption and increase your brand sales.

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