TollGuru makes toll cards smart in over 50 countries

Maps users in North America, Europe, Australia, and Latin America can now see tolls on their routes. Businesses save up to $ 300 million in tolls and customer billing with the Toll API.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see the toll station locations and toll rates on a map before you make your trip? Wouldn’t it be helpful if the maps showed a cash or tag toll for each route? It certainly would, but mapping apps like Google and Apple Maps only give one option to avoid a toll road. They do not provide toll information to enable users to make an informed decision.

MapUp, a Silicon Valley startup based in Sunnyvale, developed TollGuru to provide a comprehensive toll intelligence service to users and businesses in more than 50 countries. The latest version of TollGuru lets users know the tolls for any route in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, Japan, and parts of Latin America.

Better yet, TollGuru shows the cheapest route to the destination by comparing costs – fuel, tolls – and time. Plan your next trip with TollGuru Trip Planner

Rides, car rentals, and last mile delivery can make smart route decisions by integrating toll APIs and SDKs into their maps. The Toll API and SDKs work with all mapping vendors including Google, Bing, MapBox, Apple Map, HERE, and TomTom. Companies can offer competitive travel fares, charge customers the toll in advance, and save money on each trip. Find out how to integrate toll intelligence into your businesses in minutes, here

For map users, the best hope is that Google Maps, Apple Maps, TomTom, MapBox team up with TollGuru for a global release. In the meantime, you can download the TollGuru app. You won’t need to avoid all toll roads – you can view the toll charges and decide if you want to travel on the toll road.

About MapUp

MapUp is a Silicon Valley startup that is transforming mapping into a handy decision support tool for commuters, commercial carriers and mobility providers.

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