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The latest addition to our long-term fleet is the fully electric Vauxhall Mokka-e. Natalie Middleton is bracing for a steep learning curve.

We have gone green with our new long-term Mokka-e

P11d (BiK): £ 29,845 (0%) Test range / MPkWh: 201 / N / A

We’ve gone electric for one of our latest long-term newcomers, with our new small SUV Vauxhall Mokka-e replacing our previous Suzuki Swace hybrid estate.

When you include our old long-term Vauxhall Combo Life last year, that means we went from diesel to hybrid to all-electric in about 12 months.

It’s a trip that many readers and their fleet drivers are also starting to take – and some are cutting out the hybrid middleman.

It is a change that I have been very keen to embrace. Although I have tested short term electric cars, this is my first pure electric long term and comes at an ideal time as the fleet industry accelerates the pace of electric vehicle adoption in the account. against the ICE 2030 ban.

And that was also a rather timely period as our Mokka-e arrived just before the fuel panic buying chaos, leaving me the opportunity to join the club of smug EV drivers.

Launched in fall 2020 as part of the second-generation Mokka lineup, the Mokka-e marked the first all-electric variant of Vauxhall’s smaller SUV. The 2008 sibling model, the Mokka is built on Stellantis’ Common Modular Platform (CMP), opening up all-electric options alongside gasoline and diesel.

It has a single front-mounted electric motor producing 136 hp and 260 Nm of torque and with a single 50 kWh battery option that gives it an official WLTP range of 201 miles (but more in Eco mode). It also has a 0-60 mph of 8.7 seconds – and it can certainly skip a shift when needed.

The Mokka-e also comes with a standard 11kW on-board charger and supports fast DC charging up to 100kW, with 0-80% charging taking 30 minutes.

Its fast charging capability is something I’ve already taken advantage of as I don’t have a home charger yet.

So I’m reliant on the local infrastructure and I was shocked at how little of it there is. Fortunately there are a number of hotels nearby and I have become dependent on them. The battery is also backed by an eight year / 100,000 mile warranty.

It was clear from the start that the Mokka-e is a striking looking car that turns heads, especially in its White Jade paintwork and with the black / red detailing and black / silver alloy rims of 18. inches. The kids and I were especially excited to see the same color combo used for the Mokka-e on display at the Stellantis booth at Carfest this summer.

The interior also looks great – a curved dashboard expanse with a 10-inch color touchscreen, a flat-bottomed leather-covered steering wheel, red stitching, and alloy sport pedals.

Our sporty SRi Nav includes acres of kit, including a Multimedia Navi Pro system with GPS, front and rear parking distance sensors, a panoramic rear view camera and a 12-inch digital dashboard.

In fact, there aren’t many options on offer across the lineup and the ones that do have a strong focus on customization, such as paint choices, a white roof, and a black hood. The only add-on installed on ours is the £ 700 IntelliLux Matrix LED headlights with advanced lighting, which have so far been very impressed to me – more on those later.

All in all, it looks like the right car at the right time.

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