GTA Trilogy trailer goes live, confirms remastered visuals

The GTA Trilogy trailer is here, along with loads of details on what to expect from the remastered trilogy when it launches later this year.

After the GTA Trilogy release date of November 11 was discovered earlier today, Rockstar released the collection’s first official trailer, which you can enjoy at the top of this story, which features the enhanced visuals of the collection. Game.

According to a press release from Rockstar, these improvements include a resolution upgrade, a rebuilt lighting system that will see improved weather, shadows and reflections, as well as “improved” character and vehicle models, as well as increased drawing distance, so all three decks look sharper than ever without sacrificing their original aesthetics.

Apart from the graphics, the other games are undergoing a major overhaul in their management. Rockstar has confirmed that “new modern GTAV-inspired controls” will be part of the package, which should make players feel more comfortable in older versions of Los Santos and Liberty City, while also improving targeting, improved minimap navigation (we pray for the GTA-inspired satellite navigation approach), updated weapon and radio wheels, as well as Gyro aimed at the Nintendo Switch version of the trilogy.

Along with the trailer, we also took a look at three new screenshots of the cities we all spent countless hours in creating havoc just below. Vice City, in particular, brings back our teenage memories.

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GTA Trilogy

(Image credit: Rockstar)
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GTA Trilogy

(Image credit: Rockstar)
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GTA Trilogy

(Image credit: Rockstar)

With GTA 3 celebrating its 20th anniversary today, it’s no surprise that Rockstar is using the date to bring us a new take on their remastered collection. The only question is whether you will download immediately on November 11 or wait for the physical release on December 7 when GTA – Definitive Edition makes its way to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Rockstar has also confirmed that GTA: San Andreas Definitive Edition will head to Xbox Games Press on November 11.

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