Google Maps Rival Announces Big New Update As Google’s Driving Mode Almost Arrives

Competition in the navigation software category is increasingly fierce as Google is no longer the only big company trying to make it easier, safer and more convenient to get to a certain destination by car.

HERE has been in this business for a long time, but its mobile apps are getting updates at a much faster rate these days, and it shows just how committed the parent company is currently to delivering a fully refined experience to its customers, whatever platform they use.

The most recent version of HERE WeGo, for example, introduces a new feature that drivers will love. This is the support for freeway exit numbers, which will provide users with better visibility when using HERE’s navigation solution, making it easier for them to determine which direction to go.

And that’s not the only big update the app has received in recent times.

A September update introduced support for VE stations. The previous version supported alternative routes, improving the navigation process by giving drivers more choices before setting out on a new trip.

Of course, while Google Maps alternatives continue to improve, that doesn’t necessarily mean Google is just sitting around and watching all of its competition have fun.

The company is now putting the finishing touches on a brand new Riding Mode, which originally came with Google Maps and powered by Google Assistant.

The Riding Mode is specifically meant to replace Android Auto for phones, so it will be enabled by default for Android 12 users. As a result, it comes with a user interface inspired by the mobile version of Android Auto, but it doesn’t have to be. ‘another side. , it obviously features several notable improvements, including large maps on the home screen for quick access to your favorite apps.

The drive mode is already available in a variety of markets, with Google gradually activating it for more users as it phased out Android Auto for phones.

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