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Palakkad: Never trust Google Maps completely, two truckers learned the hard way at Attappady.

Their reliance on Google Maps has now blocked traffic after one of the heavy vehicles overturned at the seventh turn and the other got stuck.

The drivers, both non-Keralites, followed directions provided by Google Maps on their way to Coimbatore from Kozhikode. They took a left turn at Nellipuzha to take a shortcut to Coimbatore, thinking it would help them save a lot of fuel.

Drivers sensed something was wrong as they drove their multi-axles and 16 wheels on the route, as suggested by Google Maps. The road narrowed and a return seemed impossible because they could not find enough room. They managed to squeeze in their trucks to the eighth curve, where one of the vehicles overturned. The other, meanwhile, got stuck in Seventh Mile around 3:30 a.m.

The incident completely blocked the road, leaving no room even for two-wheelers. Police, forestry officers and local residents try to clear the road. The crew of the overturned truck sustained minor injuries.

Vehicle traffic on the ghat section could only be re-established after moving the trucks using cranes, which would take several hours. Authorities advised motorists to take the Aanakkatti road. Vehicles were stopped in Aanamooli and Mukkali.

Local residents, meanwhile, blamed the lack of signs warning drivers of heavy vehicles against using the stretch for traffic blocking.

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