Blind woman walks 90 miles with just a white cane to raise money for guide dog puppies

A blind woman from Theale walks 90 miles with just her white stick to raise money for guide dog puppies.

Siobhan Meade is on her last day of the three-day trek, which will see her travel from Theale to the National Guide Dog Breeding Center in Warwickshire.

Watch: Siobhan is navigating a busy street with just a GPS and her white cane.

Siobhan, who lost his eyesight at the age of 16, dresses up as a different character from a dog movie every day, including Scooby Doo, 101 Dalmations, and Paw Patrol.

She negotiated her way along canal towpaths, busy two-lane roads, and town centers, with just a navigation voice on her phone to show her which direction to take.

Siobhan Said: “I have owned a guide dog since 2003 and qualified with my first guide dog, Liza, in December of the same year.

“At 21, it was a big step for my confidence and independence to be able to go out and live the life I chose with Liza by my side.

“Since then I have had two more dogs and this is one of the main reasons I want to take on this 90 mile challenge in many counties showing blindness doesn’t define me.

“As difficult as this walk is, both physically and mentally, it’s a small price to pay for the freedom that guide dogs have given me for 18 years.”

Watch: Siobhan has vlogged much of her trip, including when satnav took her the wrong way.

Siobhan, who is a digital marketing producer for the Guide Dogs Association for the Blind, walks with her blind husband, Sean, who also uses a white cane.

She has raised over £ 2,200 so far to meet her goal of £ 5,000.

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