LETTER: Need so many heavyweights?

Heavy duty truck on the M4 motorway

Perhaps satellite navigation technology can reduce the need for so many heavy goods vehicles.

One of the main reasons people voted to leave the EU was the unnecessary EU rules and guidelines that were imposed on all of us, but the HGV permit system is a prime example of how many jobs still heavily regulated by the bureaucracy to the point that no one wants to do them anymore.

If I remember correctly, before joining the EU you could drive and take your exam in a class 1 vehicle, because an articulated truck was called at the time, on a provisional car license, having an L plate for heavy goods vehicles and a smaller normal car L-plate visible on the truck, there is now a whole series of job categories for the ribbed and articulated categories.

, once you have passed the test and you are off on the road, you find that you have an electronic spy in the cabin with you called a tachograph, not to mention all the transport police officers and the DVSA in your cab mirrors, so not that such an open road after all.

The question is, do we really need that many heavy weights now anyway? Since Covid-19, we are now in the period of the great white van revolution. Has anyone noticed how big they are getting now? Vans are getting bigger now to avoid the additional costs of heavy truck operator licenses, hence adapting satellite navigation technology to deliver smaller loads in larger vans more locally instead of large loads to national distribution centers by HGVs, a large portion of HGVs could be replaced by large white vans that do not need all the overregulated control of HGVs, freeing up HGVs to deliver large, heavy items that do not fit in the back of a pickup truck.

Gordon Edward Fanthom, Swindon

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