How To Fix Common iOS Problems 15 Tips 2021

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Check out how to fix common iOS 15 issues

iOS 15 has arrived and brought new features to Apple mobile devices, including SharePlay on FaceTime, more message personalization, a useful tune-up mode, and much more. However, along with all these new tricks, iOS 15 introduced some new issues as well. If you find that iOS 15 is not performing as expected, we have the solutions for you to try. This is what you need to know!

Problem: getting iPhone full storage error

Normally when the iPhone’s storage is almost full, an alert message will appear stating that your storage is almost full, and downloading something new might be a bad idea until you have freed up some space. . However, after downloading iOS 15, some users find that they keep getting this alert even though they have a lot of space on their local iPhone drive, and it happens over and over again even if they clear their storage. This also happens on the iPad.

Possible solutions

  • This is a general error that there is nothing users can do about it at this time. Eventually, Apple will fix this in an update to help eliminate new bugs (including others on this list), so the best thing to do is keep an eye out for new iOS updates, apply them. , then restart your device.

Issue: Apple Maps keeps crashing after updating

Apple Maps got a number of new features with iOS 15, but many users report that the app now crashes when trying to use it.

Possible solutions

  • It looks like Apple Maps has gotten too ambitious with all of these new features. If it fails the first time you open it, manually close the app and restart it. It should now open without a hitch.
  • If Apple Maps keeps crashing, you need to completely restart your device.

Problem: Look Around function does not work as it should

Look Around was added in iOS 14. This is an Apple Maps feature very similar to Google’s street view, which allows you to move your iPhone around and see a specific location on the map with a look around. first person or zoom in to point down. streets to get a good idea of ​​the whole neighborhood. However, when upgrading to iOS 15, users find that Look Around has rendering issues and there are issues with many blurry images that were not there before.

Possible solutions

  • Apple has already confirmed that this is an issue and will be fixed. Newer versions of iOS aren’t always data efficient. Keep iOS 15 updated and this issue should resolve itself eventually.

Final words: How to fix common iOS 15 issues

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