Google Maps user spots shipwreck on North Sentinel Island inhabited by isolated tribe

A Google Maps user spotted a shipwreck on a remote island inhabited by an indigenous tribe.

The eagle-eyed internet sleuth made the discovery on North Sentinel Island while browsing the site and uploaded it to Reddit.

The island is part of the Andaman Islands, an archipelago in the Bay of Bengal that also includes South Sentinel Island.

It is home to the Sentinels, an indigenous people in voluntary isolation who have defended their protected isolation from the outside world, often by force.

The tribe made headlines in November 2018 when they killed an American Christian missionary called John Allen Chau.

Reddit users said they “can’t think of a worse place to be shipwrecked”

He had traveled to the island illegally with the intention of converting them to Christianity,

Chau was killed by the tribe, who shot arrows at him, and the fisherman who had transported the missionary to the island then observed members of the Sentinel tribe dragging a body along the beach and burying it.

Due to the history of the island, Reddit users have suggested that there are few places they would like to be shipwrecked less than North Sentinel Island.

Members of the Sentinels tribe have had sporadic contact with the outside world
Members of the Sentinels tribe have had sporadic contact with the outside world

One of them said, “Oof. I can’t think of a worse place to get wrecked.”

A second replied, “I guess they have had a bad day.”

Referring to John Allen Chau, a third wrote: “” This guy who took Jesus to them some time ago and died before he got to the trees.

“On the other hand, he missed Covid. “

Another suggested, “The Q&A section for North Sentinel Island on Google is pretty fun – worth checking out for a quick laugh.”

Nominally, the island belongs to the administrative district of South Andaman, which is part of the territory of the Indian union of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

In practice, Indian authorities recognize the islanders’ desire to be left alone and limit their role to remote surveillance.

People tried to get in touch with the islanders in the year leading up to Chau’s fatal attempt, but they still encountered resistance.

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