Icelandic delivery driver killed cyclist while watching satellite navigation

An Icelandic delivery driver who was looking at his navigation system when he hit and killed a cyclist on Christmas Eve last year has been sentenced to three years in prison.

David Power, 64, died of cardiac arrest after being struck by a van driven by Lewis Smith, 24, and from Caerphilly, in Cwmbran, Torfaen, Wales Online reports.

Mr Power was conscious after the accident, in which he sustained injuries including scrapes to his chest and was bleeding from his mouth and the back of his head, which was also bruised.

Paramedics were treating him for his injuries in the back of an ambulance when he went into cardiac arrest and died.

Smith, who pleaded guilty in Newport Crown Court to causing death by reckless driving, told police at the scene that he crossed the road to give Mr. Power space, but after having looked at his GPS, he heard a bang and realized, when he checked in his rearview mirror, that he had hit the cyclist.

Video footage from a dashcam in Smith’s van showed he watched the satellite navigation system for nine seconds before the fatal crash.

Mr Power, nicknamed Dapper, was well known in rugby circles, and in a victim impact statement his sister Susan Hobbs said: “He was looking to the future. He had the gift of making me feel special. He was honorary secretary of the Welsh Charitables RFC and that was his life. He would organize the coming of international rugby players to the events.

“He loved to be involved in family and social events. David left a big void … it’s terrible not to have him here.

Ieuan Bennett, defending Smith, said in mitigation: “The accused was a young man with a decent future ahead of him. This caused the accused himself to deal with stress. He went back and forth with doctors suffering from insomnia, flashbacks, and depression. If he could go back, he would.

Judge Jeremy Jenkins, who aside from jail time also banned Smith from driving for four and a half years, said: I am also dealing with a young and intelligent man who has great prospects in life and will bring a valuable contribution to society in the future.

“No one intended this tragedy and no single phrase I can utter can allay the deep sense of loss and grief felt by the family of David Power.

“Taking your eyes off the road for nine seconds while driving amounts to creating a significant risk of danger,” he added. “You have expressed genuine remorse. “

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