The particular case of the Google Maps ghost

People love ghosts, as evidenced by the endless number of ghost hunting shows on television. But what about digital ghosts that many people can experience at the same time? This is apparently what happened to Google Maps users who witnessed an unexpected voice change while browsing. A man with a slight Indian accent seems to randomly replace the default voice you set in Google Maps. Some of the users who encountered the ghost detailed the puzzling software bug on social media.

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It’s unclear what caused the bug, but people took to Twitter and Reddit to detail their unexpected Google Maps browsing experiences.

“I use the English voice, and it’s normally a female voice,” a Reddit user Explain earlier this week. “On my trip home today, it was mostly a female voice, then suddenly, for an instruction, she was speaking in what sounded like a deep male voice with a slight Indian accent.”

The person said it had happened again since the initial post was published. It turns out that others have encountered the same error. “[Oh my God,] I thought it was just me, I was so weird. [I] I was afraid of being hacked somehow, ”another user said. They wondered if anyone had hacked Google Maps.

The ghost voice of Google Maps

The problem does not appear to be widespread, as the Reddit post only had a few comments and did not go viral. But others have gone elsewhere to complain, including Twitter, where they messaged the Google Maps team directly.

Google has taken note of the question. As seen above, Google responded that the team is “working on a fix” that should be rolled out soon. Google hasn’t explained what caused the problem and where it tends to appear. It is not known whether the phantom bug affects a particular type of device or a certain version of the Google Maps app.

A Redditor responding to the above thread said he tried to find the random voice that would take over the browsing experience, overriding the default setting. They couldn’t find him. Therefore, Google Maps’ ghost designation makes perfect sense.

That is, you shouldn’t panic if Google Maps starts behaving erratically when it comes to voice instructions. It’s just some kind of mistake that Google is fixing – or has already fixed.

If you find it annoying, you can try restarting the app or reinstalling it. You can also use another navigation app until Google fixes the Maps ghost. The iPhone is already preloaded with Apple Maps, which offers an improved navigation experience compared to previous years. Then there’s still Waze as a great alternative to Maps, and it’s available for Android and iPhone.

As always, in the event of software issues, be sure to update your apps to the latest version available. Newer versions include bug fixes, and so do Google Maps updates.

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