iOS 15 Apple Maps: 7 Best Features Coming To Your iPhone

Stop me if you’ve heard this before – Apple has really focused on improving its Maps app in its upcoming iOS update. This time around, however, with iOS 15, Apple’s changes could really pay off depending on what the company has shown so far.

Longtime iPhone users can be forgiven for the skepticism, especially if they still feel burnt by Google Maps’ disastrous transition to iOS 6 in 2012. But give Apple credit – Maps has steadily improved since then. therefore, positioning itself as a worthy alternative to Google Maps. And iOS 15 figures to continue elevating the built-in mapping and routing tool on iPhones.

At least, that’s the plan. We won’t know for sure how successful Apple’s improvements to iOS 15 Maps are until we get our hands on the public beta of iOS 15, which is slated for release in July. At the moment, we only have the preview of Apple’s iOS 15, along with first words from people who saw the iOS 15 developer beta released at the Global Developer Conference this month.

The first signs for iOS 15 Maps are encouraging, however. Here are the features we can’t wait to discover.

The interactive globe of iOS 15 Maps

The fun with iOS 15 Maps begins when you launch the app. You can now see the world as an interactive globe that Apple has built down to city level. You will see details including mountain ranges, deserts, forests and oceans, reminiscent of the kind of globe you would find in a classroom. Here, however, you can pinch to zoom and tap on details to get more information on the geographic sites that interest you.

IOS 15 Cards

(Image credit: Apple)

It’s one of those iOS 15 features that requires an A12 Bionic or later, so if you don’t have at least an iPhone XR, you won’t be able to see Apple’s spinning globe in action.

The new Globe View looks a lot like Google Earth, to be honest, and maybe it’s a case of Apple catching up with Google. But the company seems to be very proud of the amount of detail it contains in this new view of the globe, and it puzzles us about what we’ll see when iOS 15 is in our hands.

More detailed views of the city on iOS 15 Maps

It’s not just the globe that gets more detail in iOS 15 Maps. Search for a specific city and you’ll get a more detailed view that calls out buildings, shopping districts, and landmarks. Apple even adds trees that beautify the landscape (and, presumably, reflect the location of the trees in the real world).

ios 15 cards

San Francisco Ferry Building in iOS 15 (Image credit: Apple)

My favorite edit here is iOS 15 Maps’ new focus on elevation in city views. I live near San Francisco, a city with more than a few hills if you haven’t read the travel brochure. And a lot of times on a flat map you won’t notice that the very passable distance just plotted for you includes a ridiculously steep incline as well. Hopefully, iOS 15’s new visual cues can tell me when to rethink my plans to sabotage it on foot – or at least make sure I pack water and a sherpa.

ios 15 cards

This same view in iOS 14 (Image credit: Apple)

The roads are no longer yellow like in the current version of Maps, with Apple opting for a gray color that is more realistic and easier to spot. At night, the map becomes moonlit, which Apple hopes to showcase its attention to detail as well.

It looks like not all cities will offer the detailed views when iOS 15 launches. Apple’s goal with this kind of functionality in Maps is to launch them first in places like San Francisco, New York. and London, and then roll them out to other cities over time. Once you’ve seen the iOS 15 Maps preview, you’ll want that more detailed view sooner rather than later.

The driving view in iOS 15 Maps

Apple is revamping the view it offers when you get directions to a specific location, adding more details that should help you navigate potentially unfamiliar territory.

Specifically, Maps now displays lanes, medians, crosswalks, and other road details that a driver in unfamiliar territory may benefit from seeing. Best of all, as you approach particularly complicated interchanges, the driving view perspective changes to road level so that you now see a view at a glance that helps you stay on track.

IOS 15 Cards

(Image credit: Apple)

One of my favorite additions to driving directions in Maps over the past few years was the visual cue that showed you where the turning lanes were on roads and highways so you didn’t walk past where you needed to be. merge properly. It looks like missing a turn will be even harder to do with iOS 15 Maps’ redesigned Driving View.

IOS 15 Maps transit changes

If I can take a bus or train instead of driving I will, so naturally my ears perk up whenever Apple talks about transit changes in Maps. The improvements we’ve seen so far include a new view of transit – yes, Apple is really changing the views in iOS 15 maps – that includes updated details that really make transit routes stand out. The main bus routes will now be shown in Maps, and if you follow the directions, the app will alert you when you are near your stop.

IOS 15 Cards

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple says the redesigned interface for transit is easier to use with one hand, which is vital if you’re standing on a bus or train and using your free hand to hold onto. We’ll have to see this in action before we know if Apple delivers.

However, the best part of the transit changes in iOS 15 Maps – at least for me – involves being able to access nearby departures with a tap – perfect when you’re rushing to do a bus and want to see how long you have to get to your stop. You can even pin frequently used routes iOS 15 so transit times are always at your fingertips.

Walking routes in RA in iOS 15 Maps

In what looks like another feature inspired by the directions of Google Street View, Apple is going to harness its fascination with augmented reality to guide you through unfamiliar areas – at least if you have an iPhone with an A12 Bionic chip or later and live. in the right city.

To trigger walking routes, scan the buildings around you. Once Maps locates your location, you’ll get step-by-step directions, appearing as AR-powered overlays with arrows and street names overlaid on your iPhone screen.

IOS 15 Cards

(Image credit: Apple)

It doesn’t look like the walking routes will arrive when the full version of iOS 15 arrives in the fall. Apple just says it will be ready by the end of the year. When launched, the walking route feature will be available in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego and London, at least initially

iOS 15 Maps redesigns place cards

Place cards are short summaries that appear when you tap on a business, listing not only the address, but also times, contact details, user reviews, and photos. I have found the place cards to be particularly helpful in finding restaurants along my route.

iOS 15 rearranges these place cards, putting the most important information higher and providing cleaner organization throughout the map as you scroll down. At least that’s what Apple promises as it strives to provide better organized information in Maps. We’ll know for sure if the company is successful when we see the beta of iOS 15.

A new place for organized guides in iOS 15 Maps

I enjoyed the local guides that Apple first introduced a year ago with iOS 14, which feature information about a city or point of interest that you are looking for with Apple’s mapping software. The problem is, I rarely use this feature – too bad because Apple has regularly added new guides to it over the last year.

Apple wants to fix this problem for me, and probably for other users who don’t give their guides their due. iOS 15 creates a house for guides that will be selected in an editorial way. Apple hopes this will not only inspire more people to browse the guide content, but also help you discover new places. And that is, after all, one of the main goals of iOS 15.

Outlook for iOS 15 charts

Apple’s iOS 15 preview lists other changes to Maps, such as a user profile that stores your most used settings and favorites in one place; the search should be better in the maps with the possibility of filtering the results.

But in reality, it’s the new views that seem to have the most impact on Maps users when they start rolling out the iOS 15 beta. Then we’ll know if Maps continues to make great strides forward in the future. its efforts to become your go-to destination on your iPhone.

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