Google announces new tools and features for brands and retailers

Google is testing a new shopping experience on search and the Shopping tab; plan to bring it to YouTube and Images later this year.

With more than a billion shopping sessions per day on its Google platforms, the tech giant is expanding its foremost digital retail opportunities. After announcing its partnership with Shopify At I / O 2021, Google is now working on other ways to connect retailers and consumers, and to create a fully integrated ecosystem across its various platforms.

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On a recent Google Marketing Live Stream, Google ad that it introduces new tools that will help retailers to WooCommerce, Come on daddy, and Square integrate with Google – easily and for free. In doing so, Google says it will help brands “To be in a better position to stand out and speak directly to customers on Search, Shopping, Images, Maps and YouTube.”

In addition to the above, brands will soon have the ability to manage how their brand appears on Google, through videos, rich lifestyle images and interactive story formats. Again, for free.

These updates come at a time when consumers are increasingly more inclined to buy online, but also much more interested in knowing from whom they are buying. According to a recent 5WPR study, 71% of consumers want to identify and buy from companies aligned with their values.

To help these businesses, Google is working on several other initiatives and features.

For example, earlier this year, Google launched its Black Owned Business Attribute on research and maps. Now Google is allowing new business attributes that let customers know who they’re buying about – for example, a “Led by women” attribute to help clients support women-owned businesses.

Google is also looking to improve shopping ” by hand “ experience by integrating its latest development in AR, which already allows shoppers to virtually try on makeup. Her latest AR clothing experience will now allow customers to see what different tops look like on people like them before making a purchase.

In addition, Google is also piloting the integration of a Merchant Loyalty Program, which will display special prices and loyalty benefits when people start buying from Google. Sales and promotions will also be easier to find, starting at the end of the year.

Ahead of the Christmas season, Google will launch a deal results page on Search and Shopping tab, and real-time deal optimization reports on Merchant space.

As consumers now expect more buying options than ever before and are looking for more “Available near me”, “Curbside pickup”, and “in stock” globally up to 800% since last year, Google now displays these options on in-store product ads. The curbside pickup and in-store shopping labels are also arriving in local YouTube and Maps ads.

Finally, when customers discover products on Google, they will now be able to see a summary of all purchasing options in one place. Google says merchants will soon be able to offer Shop Pay as a purchase option, providing their customers with more options for an easy payment experience.

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