Top 5 things gamers should know about Bedwars in Minecraft

Bedwars is by far one of the most popular and enjoyable Minecraft mini-games to play.

Versions of this minigame can be found on a variety of public servers, and it’s likely there will always be an active bedwars game available to join at any time. Bedwars require a large amount of skill, so Minecraft players should practice often if they are to earn Bedwars consistently.

This article lists five important things about the Minecraft minigame that players should keep in mind when going into battle to defend their beds.

5 things Minecraft gamers should know about Bedwars

# 5 – The power of Parkour

Make minecraft parkour maps by Aka1ca |  Fifth

Staying alive is one of the most basic goals of Bed Warfare. The main way players are killed is by other players. To avoid getting caught by players from opposing teams, it is important to build up Minecraft parkour skills.

Because bedwar games often take place high in the sky on a series of floating islands, building to other islands is a staple of gameplay. If being chased by an enemy team, a player may need to think quickly and break some of the blocks on the path they are using. Having parkour skills means being able to jump over those gaps and escape other players with no problem.

# 4 – teamwork makes the dream work

Image via Hypixel
Image via Hypixel

The power of friendship is evident in all the best bedwar teams. Teamwork is a necessity; each team member must support each other to eliminate opposing teams.

Developing a team made up of Minecraft players with a wide range of skills is a sure-fire way to intimidate the competition. Playing bedwars with friends is a great way to make sure the team works well together.

Being able to communicate with teammates by call or video chat can help the team keep tabs on what their opponents are up to and also be extremely useful when dangerous situations arise unexpectedly.

# 3 – Confidence is the key

Image via gamerboy80 on YouTube
Image via gamerboy80 on YouTube

One of the most common mistakes players make while playing Bedwars is not fully engaging with the game in progress. Often times, if a player hesitates before destroying a bed or skipping a hole, they may lose their chance to win the game. If a player is able to keep his cool and play the game with a clear mind, he will often be much better than a player who is not confident in his movements.

When it comes to being more confident in playing bed warfare, practice makes perfect. After playing bedwars consistently, players will begin to understand what types of jumps they can do, how many hits other players can survive, and how long it takes to break a bed. Players can also practice their speed building skills in the Minecraft worlds of their own bedwar towers.

# 2 – defense is the best offense

Image via Hypixel
Image via Hypixel

In Bed Wars, most of the time, players who simply camp out in their own base to protect their bed come out on top. Even though opposing teams have the upper hand in battle, teams with good defensive strategy can often outsmart enemies and win their team’s game.

It is advisable to always have at least one team member near the bed at the home base. Even though opposing teams can take players out of the world, if the bed remains intact, they can respawn as many times as it takes to win the game.

Some servers also allow players to upgrade the blocks they use to protect their bed. Especially if PvP combat isn’t a team stronghold, players need to spend their points on blocks that are harder for enemies to break.

# 1 – try, try again

Image via Landon on YouTube
Image via Landon on YouTube

One of the most important things Minecraft players should know about Bedwars is that it’s okay to lose sometimes. Especially when players are starting out for the first time, other teams who have been playing the game for longer can make victory nearly impossible. However, losing is an opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

In a game of bedwars, sometimes the opposing team will present an innovative new strategy that can secure them victory. In these cases, it’s important to be mindful of how their feat was accomplished so that Minecraft players can potentially pull off similar moves the next time they play or think of ways to counter strategy.

Direct experience is the best way to learn, but luckily, due to the popularity of the minigame, there is a plethora of YouTube content on Minecraft featuring the game from bedwars – so much so that it can be difficult to read. find a video to Get started with.

Very popular Minecraft YouTubers Dream, GeorgeNotFound, and sap play together in this video with Purpled, a frequent bedwar player.

Minecraft YouTuber Hannahxxrose also often plays bedwars and has a full playlist for viewers.

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